"no homo" the teenage boy whispers as he pulls away from kissing his friend. he gently strokes the other males face "full bi" he adds in a sensuous tone.





Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, you can’t just sit around waiting for the good things in life to come to you. You need to kick down some doors and make them happen. This is Sam Evans like we’ve never seen before. Here I come, New York City.


"i’ve moved on" "Not really in the picture anymore" "Are you going to see him again" yes please keep using dating and romantic vocabulary to describe John and Sherlock’s relationship 

Jenna Ushkowitz for Regard Magazine


All of the orgasms in fic are so violent. His orgasm came like a punch to the gut. It hit him like a mack truck. It knifed him in a fucking alley. What these orgasms need is a good education.


You have the power, Blaine, embrace it.


if im ever sad, i just think about how sherlock fell asleep face down ass up